PRP with Micro-needling : My Experience

Hi Everyone,
A few days back I posted a few videos on my insta story where I was getting this treatment call PRP w/ Microneedling done on my face. I was surprised to know how many people where interested in knowing what it was and how it helped, so I decided to share my experience and how this treatment helped my skin. I will be sharing everything I know about this treatment i.e; the benefits , the downsides, the recovery period , the cost and much more. Let’s get started ❤.

What is PRP ?

It stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. In PRP, blood is drawn from the patient’s body (just like it is drawn for a blood test at the pathology clinic) and processed to separate platelets from the blood. These platelets are then used in the treatment . Platelet Rich Plasma looks like a pale yellow liquid and it’s applied or injected on the area to be treated.

What is Microneedling ?

It is a beauty treatment used to improve skin as well as boost hair growth. In Microneedling, a device called the electronic dermapen with several fine needles poking out of its head is used to create hundreds of tiny pinholes on the top layer of the skin. This tricks the body into thinking the skin is actually damaged and new collagen is created which improves the damage caused by acne scars, wrinkles and numerous skin imperfections.

PRP w/ Microneedling :

These two treatments combined can help you achieve beautiful skin in a short span. PRP by itself is the best custom beauty serum you can wish for. PRP becomes even more powerful when combined with Microneedling, since the tiny pinholes helps the platelet rich serum to penetrate deeper into the skin providing faster and better results.

Benefits of PRP w/ Microneedling :

• Reduces acne scars & improves skin texture
• Lightens sun spots
• Reduces the appearance of stretch marks & wrinkles & large pores
• Cures Melasma to quite an extent (depends on the no. of sessions)
• It’s non invasive; does not use harsh lasers or injections.
• Recovery Period is 24-48hrs which is good compared to other intensive treatment that give same results.
• Heathy and natural way to improve your skin
• Minimal pain
• The results are long lasting since the skin concerns once’s healed doesn’t come back unless new acne appears or if you don’t protect your skin from sun.

My experience :

I consult my dermatologist once in a while when I notice any skin issues. My face had uneven tone and large pores and I wanted to go for a treatment that gave me Long lasting results. My dermatologist suggested that I should go for the PRP or vampire facial but with microneedling instead of injections. I was told not to use any night creams a day before going for the treatment. On the day of treatment, I was told that the treatment will take 45mins – 1 hr and I should relax during the whole procedure. Below are the steps that were followed during my treatment;

• Skin was cleansed of all dirt and oil
• A thick layer of a special numbing cream was applied on my face
• The numbing cream was covered with cling wrap and left for 30mins
• Blood was drawn from my arm and taken away for processing
• Numbing cream was wiped off with a clean damp cotton pad thoroughly
• Microneedling was done all over my face and the PRP serum was applied alternatively
• The extra PRP was rubbed all over my face gently .
• I could then go home

AfterCare :

Post treatment I was asked to follow the following steps in order to make the skin heels faster and the treatment to work better on my skin;

• Apply thick moisturiser with a special antiseptic cream(prescribed by the same dermatologist) once a day
• To apply a good amount of sunscreen at all times during the day (3 or more times bet. 9am -6pm)
• Can use face wash, cleanser or any other products post 24hrs only

Results :

• The redness on my face disappeared in a couple of hours after treatment though my face felt numb and sore for about 4-5hrs post treatment
• Started noticing difference in the texture of my skin from 2nd day onwards
• My skin tone looked more even and skin felt smoother
• Large pores on my cheeks & nose looked smaller
• Deep scars were less visible
• Skin was glowing and looked healthy and plump

Pricing :

Starting from 5000/- per session but it can cost much lesser if you go for a package with multiple sessions .

Would I recommend it ?

For all those facing skin concerns like mine, I would definitely recommend at least 2 sessions of this treatment.

Rating :

4.5/5 due to high cost .

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