de fabulous ® Amazon Series Acai Oil Treatment Review

Hi everyone,

Today I have a product that is very special to me. Its the Oil, whats special about it you ask ?? Well, keep reading to find out .

My Hair Type

  • Thick
  • Processed
  • Coloured
  • Keratin Treated

The Product :

What the Product Promises To Do :

Mends split ends and eliminates fizz

Ingredients :

Product Consistency :

Very light weight and non sticky

Application/How to Use :

Apply a small amount to hair, paying attention to the ends and any fizzy areas

Packaging :

Come in a very nice looking brown plastic packaging that is easy to use and carry around .

Price :

Availability :

Available in all Enrich Salons & online.
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My Take on the de fabulous ® Amazon Series Acai Oil Treatment :

This oil has literally changed my life. About 4-5 months back I wanted to do something different to my long black hair. So, I went to a salon and told the hair stylish what I wanted & she suggested me to go for the Keratin Treatment at the end of the session to give my hair a boost of protein and I agreed. Getting the balayage hair color and then going in with the Keratin treatment right after was a BAD IDEA. She had used beach to lighten my hair to give the balayage effect and not color , the beach really damaged the ends of my hair and made it brittle. She told me that keratin will repair and make it look healthy so I went through the 3hrs long process and my hair ended up looking dead at the end of it. I went to enrich after a month and asked their senior stylish what to do to make the end of my hair look smooth again, we did couple of OLA PLEX treatments and he suggested me to use the Amazon Series Acai Oil treatment on my ends after everyday. The first time I used it, it instantly smoothened my dry, brittle ends (that looked like split ends, sigh !) . I still use it a lot and I’m in love the results, it has helped tame my over processed hair a lot . After applying a very small amount of the product, my hair feels smooth and soft.


  • Very effective
  • Even smaller bottle lasts very long
  • Very good for rough or damaged hair
  • Smoothens and softens instantly
  • Convenient packaging


  • Availability

Would I Recommend it ?

If you have crazy hair like mine then yes yes yes ! This product has tamed my fizz and rough ends and it works wonders and if someone with little fizz or split ends uses it, imagine the results !!! Its a total saviour !

OverAll Rating


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