Forrest Essentials Cane Sugar Lip Scrub Review

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Winter is here and so are the dreaded chapped lips! My lips get extremely dry during winter & I was looking for a good lip exfoliator to get rid of all the dry skin on my lips when I came across this classy looking lip scrub from Forrest Essentials . I used this product for a couple of weeks & heres my take on it.

The Product


Product Consistency

A bit gritty in texture but feel smooth while applying on lips.

Application / How to use

It doesn’t have any instructions or directions to use but heres how I use it. I scoop out a very little amount and apply it on my lips and gently scrub my lips in circular motions for a few seconds and wipe off the granules with a soft tissue or cloth.


Comes in a very elegant looking packaging with a very small see-through jar and a golden top. The small jar makes it a bit difficult to scoop out the right amount of product.



Available in most cities at Forrest Essential Store or Shop Online here

My Take on Forrest Essentials Cane Sugar Lip Scrub

So, I was using a homemade sugar lip scrub but it dint do much for my super dry lips. I thought of giving this scrub a shot, though it looks gritty,it feels smooth on the lips and thats something I don’t like. I like scrubs that have moderately hard granules so that it actually serves the purpose of exfoliating dead / dry skin.
This lip product works well as a mild exfoliator but it dint help soften my lips or make them smooth at all. Another downside to this scrub is that after rubbing it on the lips it does not leave much moisture or balm on the lips and I feel like the ingredients don’t really get absorbed on the lips. I used a matte lipstick after this scrub hoping it would have smoothened out my lips a bit but I was wrong, it did nothing.


  • Very classy looking packing which is travel friendly
  • All natural ingredients
  • Smooth texture
  • Good for very gentle exfoliation
  • Tastes like sugar 😛


  • Super pricey for the quality
  • Very little product for the price you pay
  • Did nothing for my dry/chapped lips
  • Not an effective exfoliator
  • Kind of difficult to scoop the product out

Would I Recommend it ?

If your looking for a good exfoliator then absolutely not! A home-made sugar & olive oil scrub will work better than this over priced lip product. But if your lips are sensitive than this should work for you since its not too rough on the lips and might work as a gentle exfoliator.

OverAll Rating


Stay Tuned for more reviews on Forest Essentials products.

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