Coola Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30 | The most light-weight sunscreen ever ?

Hi my lovelies,

Sunscreens have always been a part of my skin care routine and I have tried almost every SPF product out there. Lately, I was facing problems with my usual sunscreen like it would get very greasy through the day and make my face look like a hot mess !!!! Tried matte finish, oil free sunscreens but they did not remain matte for more than an hour. A month ago while I was at my dermatologist’s, I asked her to recommend me a fool-proof oil free sunscreen, that’s how I got to know about this baby and fell completely in love with it.


Product Consistency:

Feather light buttery texture and a mousse like consistency.

Application/ How to use :

Packaging :

Pricing :

Availibity :

Not easily available in Indian stores. Available at [1] & [2]

My take on Coola Mineral Sunscreen :

Initially I thought this product is too expensive and was not sure if i wanted to invest so much on a sunscreen but I gave it a shot anyway and I am so glad I did. I have Oily -to- Combination skin and this sunscreen really works for me. Its super light and gives a semi-matte finish. I usually don’t find the need to apply a primer before applying my makeup after I have applied this product. It works great as a face primer for oily skin and helps control oil secretion throughout the day and also gives a very smooth finish to the skin which helps makeup to glide on flawlessly. When worn by itself it instantly makes the skin look smoother. This is by far the best oil-free and the most light-weight sunscreen I have used and I swear
by it !!!


  • Very good for all types of skin
  • Has sufficient spf (SPF30)
  • Eco friendly, Cruelty-free & Farm-Face
  • Works great as a face primer
  • Super light-weight
  • Travel friendly packaging (TSA approved size)


  • Not easily available in India
  • Quite expensive for the quantity you get
  • Has a very subtle fragrance (some prefer products to be fragrance-free)

Would I recommend it ?

I would definitely recommend this product to everyone looking for a good matte-finish sunscreen. It’s extremely good for those with oily skin and those looking for something non-greasy and super light-weight.

Over All Rating :


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