DUCRAY’S Keracnyl Foaming Gel (soap-free)

Today i am reviewing a foaming gel or face wash prescribed by most dermatologists for people with acne and oily skin.This face wash was prescribed to me by my dermatologist since my skin is acne prone and very oily specially now in monsoons.Prior to this i used Saslic Dc foaming face wash which works great but it was too strong on my sensitive skin since it is a salicylic acid based product.This product is Glycolic acid based which is more gentler on skin.To know the difference between Salicylic and Glycolic Acid in detail

read Salicylic Or Glycolic Acid?

Reviewing DUCRAY’S Keracnyl Foaming Gel (soap-free)

What the product promises to do:

  • Gently cleanses the skin
  • Prevents acne

**Developed to minimize the risks of allergic reactions

Ingredients :

Product’s Consistency :

Thick gel like consistancy which lathers easily. Feels creamy when applied!

Application / How to use :

Wet your face or the skin you want to use it on and apply a small amount of keracnyl foaming gel.Massage gently and rinse thoroughly with plenty of water Make sure you wet your skin thoroughly before applying this gel or else it turns creamy and does not lather well!

Packaging :

  • Nice packaging
  • The light blue tube and gel looks fresh and reminds me of the ocean…very aqua!
  • Comes with a white screw cap which makes it very comfortable for me to carry it

in my handbag since the content does not spill or leak that way (which happens with

a flip open cap).

Pricing :

Rs 270/- for 50gm …quantity in ml is 50ML

Lasts for nearly about a month if used on the face only.

Availability :

Easily available in all drug stores.

My Take On Ducray Keracnyl Foaming Gel :

This product dint really make any difference to my skin for the first few days of use, my skin breaks out during monsoons and i have to see my dermatologist because my skin
becomes dull,oily and i start getting acne on my cheeks and chin. After using this gel wash for a week or so but after a week or so my skin looks less oilier and my acne reduced. I use it thrice a day with normal to cold water and pat my face dry and apply a sunscreen during the day and a night cream which i am using for my acne treatment before going to bed. My skin looks very clean and soft after using this product.

Pros :

  • Very gentle on sensitive to normal skin
  • Deeply Cleanses blocked pores
  • Skin becomes bright after wash
  • Prevents acne, blackheads and control oil.
  • Good packaging which makes it travel friendly


  • Effect or Difference in skin after use can be seen only after a few uses.
  • Works slow
  • Less quantity for the price

Would I Recommend It ?

Yes!! I would recommend this to all my friends with mild acne or blackhead because this product cleanses the skin deeply but in a gentle way. Suitable for sensitive skin.

Rating :

Performance – 4\5
Packaging – 5\5
Overall – 4.5\5

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