Reviewing Dr.Reddy’s Niltan SPF 25 cream

This cream is an anti-tanning cream which also contains sun screen agents with SPF 25 which helps protect skin from UVA.

What the Product Promises to Do :  

  • helps reduce hyper-pigmentation caused due to sun.
  • helps improve sun damaged skin
  • protects skin from uva***

Ingredients : 

Arbutin, Boswellia, Serrata Coriander Seed Oil, Liquorice Extract

Product’s Consistency :

The consistency of this cream is pretty thick. It is not watery at all and has a smooth texture.

Packaging :

  • Comes in a small yellow tube
  • Has a screw cap which is easy to open and close
  • Doesn’t take up much space in your bad due to its small size
  • Very difficult to squeeze the cream out when there is little cream left.

Pricing : 

Rs 228 –  15g (lasts for a month)

too expensive for that quantity !

Availability :

Available in most drug stores.

My Take On Niltan SPF 25 Cream UVA*** :

My mum recommended this cream to me, she uses it to get rid of hyper-pigmentation that she has on the upper area of her cheeks(apples of cheeks).When i started using this cream(that was a month ago), it actually took a week to see visible improvement on the tanned areas that i was using it started taking off all the tan caused by the sun on my skin but when i applied it and went out in the sun,my skin started to get dark again. This cream did not really work as a sunscreen for my skin because it contains a very low spf ratio. This cream is basically an anti-tanning cream, it has only been a year or so when the company decided to add sunscreen agents to it. Now i use this cream only when i am at home and not outside where my skin is exposed to sun or if i have to go out i apply my sunscreen with spf 30 PA*** after applying this product.

Pros :

  • paraben free
  • does not make your skin look or feel greasy after application.
  • works excellently as an anti-tanning cream

 Cons : 

  • it is not very effective as a sunscreen
  • too expensive for the quantity you get

Would I Recommend It ?

Yes, i would recommend it to all those who are looking for a good anti-tanning cream.Must try !

Rating :

Performance  – 8.5\10

Packaging – 7\10

Overall – 8\10

Enjoy 🙂

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