Hair Care 101 – Part 1

Ah! I know it’s been soo long since i last updated. So i was quite busy preparing for my exams last month and then at the end of the month i was diagnosed with malaria (jeez it was terrible). Finally got discharged from the hospital after 4 days treatment. After i got back home i couldn’t wait to write a new post for you guys 🙂

Does your hair take more time then it should ??

Some of us are slaves to fashion, specially women, we are constantly rushing to the hair stylists for the latest haircuts,bangs, hair color and other treatments done, waging wars against our hair’s natural texture! And we often don’t realize how much damage it is causing to our hair.

Here are some “do-it-yourself” tips and tricks which will help transform your hair from damaged to healthy and shiny.
I have divided this topic into parts since it wont be possible for me to cover so many points in one article.

The Right Products :

  • Choose products that suit your hair type (quality, texture etc).
  • Avoid Shampoos and Other hair care products that have paraben and sulphate.

* Paraben and Sulphate are harmful preservatives used in beauty products.Manufacturers use these chemicals because they are extremely inexpensive, they extend the shelf life of any given product for as long as 2 years ,if not longer.

  •  Buy original products to make sure you get the best quality.


Suggested Products for Naturally Curly Hair :

Loreal Paris Shine Curl Shampoo & Conditioner :

It helps soften and define curls, has ingredients that contain softening compounds. After shampooing, rub a generous amount of this masque/conditioner and work through hair, keep for 3-5 mins and rinse it off.

Finesse Curl Defining Mousse :

This mousse is quite famous amongst girls with curly mane. This product is very affordable and does everything it promises to do. It will define your pretty curls and gives it a smooth texture. Easily available online.

Pantene Pro-V curly hair series :

Want touchable curls with endless shine ? Try this amazing pantene pro-v series specially designed to polish and define curls !!! Unfortunately these products are not yet launched in India but are easily available online (i.e., ebay etc).
*If you have curly hair,try to avoid products (eg. mousses,serums etc) that weigh down your hair.

Suggested Products for Wavy Hair :

Wavy hair usually tends to be dry so the outer layer of the hair strands can look fuzzy, therefore use products that have the words “smoothing” or “sealing” mentioned on them. To block humidity use styling products(serums,sprays,mousses etc) that are silicone-based.
*you can also use shampoos and conditioners designed for curly hair


Matrix Biolage Smooth Therapie Range :

I personally love the serum from this range. These products have camellia seed oil as base ingredient. It helps tame the most unruly hair and smooths fizzy hair. These products also help block humidity.Must try !!

Garnier Fructis Sleek&Shine Range :

These products are formulated to control fizzy,unruly hair. They make hair more manageable and smooth. The Garnier Fructis Anti-humid range is also worth a try. These products are not yet launched in the indian market but are easily available.

Suggested Products for Straight Hair :

If you have naturally straight hair,you should be absolutely proud of it. Straight hair is naturally shiny hair,however you need to maintain its straightness and shine.

Sunsilk Straight Hair Shampoo and Conditioner :

These product will make your hair look comparatively straighter without any heat or sprays. After shampooing your hair, apply the conditioner along the lengths of your hair (not the roots) and wash after 2-3 mins. This range is easily available in india.

Schwarzkopf Bonacure Shampoo, Smooth Shine:

This shampoo makes your hair softer and shinier. Suggested by many hair stylists, this product is a “must try” for all the straight or wavy haired beauties !

Garnier Fructis Smoothing Silky Straight Hair 24/7 Serum :

This serum helps control fly-aways to give you silky straight hair.It is enriched with fruit oils.
For more products for straight hair click on the following links :

Loreal liss ultime conditioner

Loreal liss ultime shampoo

So this was “step one” of the hair care routine i.e to choose the right product for your hair. I will write about the other very important topics like washing, styling,coloring your hair the right way and even what kind of combs or brushes suit your hair best soon in another article so stick around 🙂

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